Day Trips


Boat Trip  Kalkan with Emir 1 you begin your day drip  at 10 am and you set out depending on weather to many of Kalkan’s surrounding coves and bays.

Places that are remote that the only way there is by boat. You can drop anchor and go for a swim, or drink, eat and watch the beauty unfold in front of you. Why not go for a swim in Frenk Bay (French Cove) or Firnaz Bay where the water stands still for most of the year and you can see it all the way to the bottom. You can explore the surrounding coastline by snorkeling and see the true beauty of the Turquoise Coast.

You can have a authentic mud bath where you prepare your own mud and sit in the sun and soak up rays of sunlight. Whilst, you are relaxing a gourmet lunch is been freshly prepared by the skipper for you to enjoy with your family and friends.

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